Monday, August 13, 2012

Celebrating: Tastefully Simple

Celebrating: Tastefully Simple: For those of you who do not know, I am a Tastefully Simple Cosultant.  I have been a consultant for almost 2 years and have really enjoyed meeting new people and introducing them to new "tastes."  If you are not familar with Tastefully Simple, it is a line of food products and we do in-home shows and eat, eat, eat!  And, as much as I love cooking, its nice to have some easy, quick and scrumtious products for those days when you just need a break!  Plus, you all know my love/hate relationship for baking, so I am pleased to have several options from the line. The Almond Pound cake is incredible!  There are dips, sauces, baked goods, drink mixes...I could go one an on!

I am having an Open House to introduce our new Spring Summer products this evening.  I will have over 25 different goodies to taste - am hoping my guests come hungry!  Last night I put a Pork Tenderloin in the cockpot with our new Honey Barbeque seasoning rub and I woke up at about 4:30 this morning to the most deicious aroma.   The tenderloin will be settled in right next to our Honey Apple Grill sauce for dipping!

I wanted something 'springy" for my buffet table, and I made the cutest arrangement.  Initially I got the basic idea from Pinterest, but I kind of made it my own.  I got a styrofoam topiary from Hobby Lobby and covered it with flowers.  It was a fun, easy project that I will enjoy for years to come.

                                                           Spring Topiary

                                                             Table Ready!

My party was a huge success!  Everyone enjoyed the food!  Got lots of orders and booked 3 parties!
I also had a Grand Prize drawing for a basket of Tastefully Simple products and some other goodies.
And a very special thanks to my sister Charlene, who came early to help me finish stting up - I would not have been ready on time without her help!

                                              Basket Give-Away and Spring Plates I made

Ya'll come back!

May the Lord bless his people with peace and happiness and let them CELEBRATE!

*Originally posted March 24, 2012

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