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Celebrating: My Kitties!

Celebrating: My Kitties!:

Kringle in one of his favoite spots

The Bathroom sink!

This post is dedicated to my sweet boy, Kringle, who left us way too soon, but will never be forgotten!

Everyone who knows me, knows I am definately a "cat person,"  but what they don't know is that I haven't always been one.  We always had dogs growing up, we did have the occasional cat that took up residence at our house, but the cats never lived the "life of the dog."  So I was as surprized at myself as everyone else when I brought my Prissy home.  I was visiting my friends Julie and Sharon and one of their cats had recently had kittens - I took one look at the little grey fuzz ball with the huge green eyes and I just had to make her mine.  Never mind that I had no intention of having a pet, much less a cat when I walked into their home that afternoon.

I had Prissy for 19 1/2 years. She was my baby!  However, Prissy soon gained a reputation among my friends,  for she was not a very "social" girl.  Prissy let NO ONE touch her except me.  She usually hid whenever anyone was there, or I had to put her in another room. In fact, when I gave her a "Sweet 16" party, she spent the entire time in her room .I did bring her out so we could sing "Happy Birthday" and as soon as we sang the last verse she hissed...very loudly!  One of my friend's comented to my mom - "I never thought I would be going to a cat's birthday party".  My mom responded " I can top that, I never thought I would be signing a birthday card for a cat - Love Grandmother".  But Prissy was special to me, if I was sitting down - she was in my lap.  She followed me from room to room just waiting for me to settle down so she could.  It was a very sad day indeed when I knew Prissy was just too sick to live for MY sake.

                                                          Prissy with her big green eys!

I had decided to wait until spring to get another cat.  I was still grieving for Pris, but gosh my house was quiet!  I didn't realize how much talking I did to my girl!  Now during the time Pris first got sick, Julie just happened to have another litter of kittens at her house.  She kept telling me about them and I kept telling her I was not ready, it was just too soon. But my home was just not the same, I was so lonesome.  So  a week or so before Christmas, I decided to just go "take a look" at the kittens.  There they were... five of the most adorable kittens: 2 solid black, 1 black and white and 2 yellow and white, one long hair, one short hair.  As I was watching them frolic and play the ways kittens will do, I knew my heart had once again been stolen.  I wanted another female and the only female was the short haired yellow and white, but that other long haired yellow was just too cute for words. Soooo, my logic of  "ya know, if I have 2 cats they will keep each other company and I won't worry so much about leaving it alone, turned into reality.   I was now the proud "mama" of not one but two cats.  Good willpower, huh? The first time I picked up Kringle and got a good look at his paws, I knew this was not going to be the dainty cat I was used to and he proved me right.  Last vet visit he as a 12 pounder, but looked bigger because of all his fur!  He was one handsome boy!    They needed about a week more with their "real" mom, so 6 days before Christmas, Julie brought me the best present ever! And, since it was close to Christmas and since Christmas is my favorite season I named then Kris and Kringle!  I think I had to upright my Christmas tree about 3 times before Christmas - needless to say, the tree came down very early that year.

who could resist them?

For almost 3 years now I have adored watching them play, curl up next to each other and nap and then play some more.    They are both so sweet, and have a great temperment.  No hiding them from the public!  Kring was the master manipulator - if Kris was in my lap, he would rouse her into playing and then did the ole' switcheroo and got in my lap. He also demanded attention, much more so than Kris, who willingly gave up very easily.  She loved her brother and often gave him an afternoon "kitty bath!"

Then, last Tuesday morning I got up and found my sweet, sweet boy had passed away during the night.
I was and am, still devastated over losing him.  I do not know what happened, he was fine when we went to bed, I just like to think whatever it was, it was quick.  My little Kris wandered around aimlessly for a couple of days but she is much better.  In fact, I do believe she is liking so much extra attention!

Kris & Kringle
But. the story does not end there, as I haven't told you about my 3rd cat.  Long story short - a mama cat decided my deck was the perfect place for a nursery, so last summer I had mama and 4 kittens. I have taken Mama cat in, had her spayed and she is living in my spare bedroom - this is a recent adddition and we are
 s-l-o-w-l-y taking our time to get acquainted.  Kris sure hopes she will hurry because she really misses her playmate!  BTW mama cat is a Calico, so her name is Kallie (spelled with a K because of my K& K)
No pics of her yet, as my camera has decided it no longer wants to work!

I will sure miss that boy!

As usual, I want to sign of with a favored recipe!  I saw a short infomercial on Food Network of Giada making these bars and I love them.  The recipe was Lemon Thyme Bars, but I had some fresh basil in my fridge that really needed to be used,  so I replaced the thyme with basil.  The second time I made them, I used gluten free flour so my brother could get a taste.  Using the gluten free flour gave them a different texture (very crumbly) which I really liked.  This would be a great recipe if you have an abundance of basil that needs to be used before the cold weather sets in on the basil!

Lemon Thyme Bars  

Preheat oven to 325 degrees

1 cup flour
1/2 tsp salt
2 TBS Thyme (I used basil, but I bet rosemary would be great, too!)
1 stick butter (room temp)
1/2 cup powdered sugar
Juice from 1 lemon
1/2 tsp vanilla extract

optional -I also zested the lemon before juicing and added to dough and  glaze

Combine flour salt and (herb of choice)   In another bowl cream butter, powdered sugar and juice from half a lemon (and optional zest)  Slowly add flour mixture to butter mixture and combine well.  Place dough in center of a buttered/floured 8 x 8 dish.  Wet fingers and spread dough across pan.  Bake 325 for 30 minutes.

Glaze - optional - 1/2 lemon juice and zest, 1/2 powdered sugar . Stir until pouring consistency and pour over cooled bars.  

Hope you enjoyed these as much as I did!

Ya'll come back!


May the LORD bless his people with peace and happiness and let them CELEBRATE!
Psalm 64:10

*Originally posted September 28, 2011

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