Thursday, August 16, 2012

Celebrating: My friend Judy!

I came here on Thursday to write this blog.  If you read my previous blog, you know that I had a MAJOR catastrophe.  I have to be honest with you, I was so devastated , I just didn't have it in me to write.  And that would be a tragedy in itself, because you would not hear about one of my favorite people.  My friend, Judy.  Many years ago, Judy came to us from Minnesota to become the new Youth Director at our Church.  This particular time period in my life was when I had strayed away from being a regular "Church goer" and more of an Easter/Mother's Day/Christmas goer.  Heck, I'll admit it, Saturday night usually turned into Sunday morning and brunch at Bennigans was far more appealing than Church.

My sister Charlene was a youth adviser at Church, so she and Judy became fast friends.  Charlene kept telling me how much fun Judy was and that I really needed to meet her.  My response..."I already had enough friends."  We still laugh about that statement, BTW.  Charlene finally wore me down with this concept..they were starting a singles group and would I be interested in coming to a meeting.  So the story goes...I met Judy... she and Charlene lured me back to Church and to top it all off she eventually asked me to become a Senior High Youth leader.  And the rest is history!  In fact Charlene. Judy and I were housemates for a couple of years until they both got married!


Judy has had to face many trials over the past years.  To make a very sad and long story short and to also try not to diminish the facts, here is a very brief synopsis. Three months into marriage in 1993 her husband Troy was diagnosed with a brain tumor.  Unfortunetly, Troy lost so much that take we take for granted.  He lost his ability to speak, but he spoke in so many other ways.  He was confined to a wheelchair, but he "walked" taller and stronger than most men.  His comprehnsion was compromised, but he was sharp as a tack and kept the same ole Troy sense of humor. Many would say that Judy and Troy had been denied their future .  But Judy didn't let the naysayers take control.  She made a life for both of them.  Troy went everywhere with Judy! They went to the movies, sports events, concerts and even skiiing in Colorado.  Many surguries and close calls came and went throughout the years, but Judy remained the rock that Troy needed.  Sadly , we lost Troy 5 years ago after his long and difficult illness. 

And throughout the many years of Troy's illness, she maintained a full time job. After being our Youth director for many years, she started working with Canine Assistant.  She became familar with them after Troy was matched with his own service dog, Kay.  She worked with families similar to her own story, to help them find the exact partner (dog)!    

Judy and Troy had once dreamed of working together in the Mission field.  Now that dream has become a reality for Judy. She is headed to Guatemala in September. Even though she will be pursuing it without Troy by her side, I just know that he will be with her in spirit!  She has touched the lives of so many people here and will now continue to do that with our neighbors further south!  She will continue to enrich lives and spread her contagious enthusiam for life and all that it has to offer

Of course, we could not send Judy off without a proper goodbye!  We had a farwell party for her just to let her know how much she has meant to us and to give her our best wishes.

Judy's Favorite dessert
Peanut Butter pies

And to end on a bright note...Judy has found a new companion, Bob.  I had the pleasure of finally meeting Bob last week and I have to say, he is terrific!    I'm so happy that she is getting this opportunity to start anew, once again!

I love ya, Judy!

Ya'll come back!

May the Lord bless his people with peace and happiness and let them celebrate.  Psalm 64:10

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