Monday, August 13, 2012

Celebrating: Dresses, Hunts and Chicks!

Celebrating: Dresses, Hunts and Chicks!: From the time I could just "toddle" til today, I have had a new Easter dress.  Don't care how old I was or what stage of life, a new Easter dress was a must.  I can only think of about 2 -3 times in my life that I did not get a new Easter "outfit."  And when I was younger - it was an Easter ensemble.  New dress (the frillier the better), new shoes, new ankle socks (preferably with lace), new purse and a most definite for several years, a new hat.  I was an Easter fashionista for sure!

Cousin Chuck & Me! 

I have such fond memories of Easters past! On most Easter mornings, my Liddell cousins and I would load up and go to Sunday School, have a huge Easter Ham lunch and then hunt for eggs.  And not the plastic eggs of today - the real live honest to goodness dyed hard boiled  Easter Eggs.  I remember one year going to my cousins other Grandmother (fondly called Grandmother Bertie Sue), hunting for eggs in the most magical of places, for they had a huge yard and what I thought was the "coolest" house ever.  Built in the 1920's and located in the fashionable Buckhead area.  They even had a built-in swimming pool, which was waaayy cool in my opinion!  I can remember going to a local park, Hurt Park, that was filled with colorful Tulips and even had a little Windmill, which was aptly called Little Holland. I can still envision it in my mind the Easter parade my cousins and I put on in our Easter finest!

In the weeks leading up to Easter Sunday, all of the local pet stores, had baby chicks and ducks displayed in the front window and dyed every color - blue, pink, green, purple.  (I'm pretty sure PETA wasn't around back then).  And the Easter Bunny did not disappoint, over the years I had pink and blue chicks and a baby duck that went to live at Murphy Candler Park - which we could "amazingly" pick out for years after. One year the Easter Bunny loved me soooo much, he left me one of his own..a little white bunny I named "Petunia."  Of course, we always got an  Easter basket full of  Candy eggs, chocolate Bunnies and marshmallow chicks.  And for some strange reason, the Easter Bunny always left us a new summer shorts set!   

I found a couple of vintage Easter photos and since I do not have a scanner, I called my friends Pam and Chaz to see if I could use theirs.  Not only did I get an "Of course you can use our scanner" but a dinner invitation as well.  Pam and Chaz are long time friends. We have had alot of fun over the years and I treasure their friendship.  Chaz cooked an awesome meal while Pam and I enjoyed a glass or two of Vino .
Thanks ya'll for another fun evening!

Below is a walk down Easter memory Lane!  Just a couple for your enjoyment/amusement!

I think this was my favorite one - it was lavender!

brother Chuck, cousin Margie, our Coco, Me, sister Charlene

                                                       This one had a great plaid jacket to match!

This years dress...why I can't show it to you will make its debut Sunday on Easter!

Ya'll come back!

May the Lord bless his people with peace & happiness and let them CELEBRATE! Psalm 64:10

*Originally posted April 5, 2012

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