Monday, August 13, 2012

Celebrating: My Own Little Oasis

Celebrating: My Own Little Oasis: What is my own little deck!  When I bought my house 10 years ago, I had the standard postage size concrete slab, that was a sorry excuse for a "patio" in my opinion! However, I did have an awfully small backyard, so I couldn't expect much.  So, one of my 1st major home improvements was to build a deck, so that I could enjoy my little backyard.  My friend Chris designed and built the deck and he created just what I needed.  Since my "lawn" is taken up by deck, now, I have potted flowers scattered about for color.  I also have my tomato plants in pots, as well as several herbs.  I have several green tomato's and am impatiently waiting for them to turn red.  Unfortunately a bird  enjoyed my 1st one!  I have  basil, rosemary, cilantro, parsley, dill, thyme, dill and chives.  I love having them at my disposal.  I would also like to get a mint plant, as well.   I found a great recipe for Mojoto's!

I so enjoy getting up early on Saturday mornings, go out on the deck with a cup of coffee just to sit and do absolutely nothing but soak in the goodness for a few minutes. It's impossible to look up at that periwinkle blue sky, listening to the chirp-chirp of the birds, smell the fresh air, feel the sun warm your skin, and not take a moment to thank God for our earth and the glory of nature. It is a calming, and peaceful way to start a hectic weekend! 

Often I will take my breakfast out there to continue my lazy morning! And, if I really want to linger (translate - put off doing housework), I will take along a  magazine or book.   As it gets warmer, my hot cup of coffee is replaced by iced coffee and the Pioneer Woman has the very best recipe for iced coffee that can be kept in the fridge and ready at your beck and call!  (I call it my "Suebuck" coffee - get it - Susan /Starbuck).   It was a sad day last Saturday when I realized I had forgotten to make another batch for the fridge!

And at the end of the day, I often find myself back on the deck.  The coffee mug is sometimes replaced by a wine glass and  I sit in the dusk, gazing into the darkening sky, the stars peeping out, the June bugs chirping , perhaps a gentle breeze on my arms and it is impossible not to stop and thank my God for another day on his earth.    It's a calming and peaceful way to end the day!

Pioneer Woman Iced Coffee

1 # ground coffee  
8 quarts cold water

Pour coffee in large container and cover with cold water.  Cover and let sit at least 8 hours (or longer in you like)  When time has passed, grab a separate container and place mesh strainer lined with cheese cloth over container.  Slowly pour steeped coffee through strainer. Must be patient at this point, because you will want to put this in the fridge til it is cold!  Add your favorite creamer, sugar or sweet in low.  When you really want to indulge she suggests Vietnamese coffee.  Add a spoonful (or 2)  of sweetend condensed milk to the coffee!  I use Sugar free hazelnut liquid creamer  - just as good and half the calories!     

I half this recipe! keeps in the fridge for at least 3 weeks!

Ya'll come back!

May the Lord bless his people with peace and happiness and let them Celebrate!

*Originally posted  June 20, 2012

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