Monday, August 13, 2012

Celebrating: One "Greyt" Lady!

Celebrating: One "Greyt" Lady!: I am very sad today.  For today I learned of a cyber friend's passing.  I have been out of town, so just read the news this morning on the cooking board we both loved.  Although I never formally "met" Carolea, I have known her for several years.  We shared a mutual love of cooking.  She was funny, spunky, quirky, and a down right nice person.  She was a great volunteer.  She was very involved in Greyhound rescue groups and owned many herself over the years.  When she moved into her "schoolhouse" dogs were not allowed, so she had to give up  her beloved "greys."  But that did not stop her from volunteering for the group, she continued until they recently disbanded their group.  Carolea also volunteered every Monday at the Newton Medical Center, a job about which she spoke fondly.  She was a driving force in planning each Class reunion and was well on her way to planning the next one scheduled!  She loved her "Newton Red  Hat" ladies and spoke frequently of their monthly meetings.  She also loved her new home - "The Schoolhouse".  It was her childhood schoolhouse which had been converted into apartments.  I will miss hearing about the monthly "tea fights," which is what she called the monthly potluck.  She was always stirring the pot, trying think of some unusual and clever dish to serve.  And it was always the first thing to go!

And how she loved cookbooks!  She had quite a collection and could be very content holed up reading and re-reading a cookbook! She was also a great lover of books and spent many hours pouring over her books!  Her love and curiosity of cookbooks and food were contagious!  She often posted a recipe on our board from an old cookbook that would make us all laugh and create quite the hub-bub!
 We spoke on the phone every once in a while and she was quite the character! I loved hearing her old stories of growing up in Newton as the Butcher's daughter and then branching out and becoming a young career woman in the 50's/60's!  She had some great stories to tell!

I will miss her, that is for sure!  But I will smile and think fondly of her when I have a glass of Iced Coffee, a plate of shrimp scampi or a fried egg sandwich!  And when I open a cookbook,  I will think of Carolea and remember how she enriched my life with her great spirit!

Rest in Peace my sweet friend with your beloved greys curled up with you!

May the Lord bless his people with peace and happiness and let them celebrate.  Psalm 64;10.

*Originally posted  May 29, 2012

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