Monday, September 17, 2012

Celebrating - A little Hint of Fall!

There is a very brief hint that Fall is just around the corner!  It’s just the little things, a leave or two floating in the breeze, daylight is shorter, the morning is crisp and Pumpkin Spice coffee is back at Starbucks! I love Fall, it is my favorite time of year – that is until Spring arrives!  I seem to be very fickle when it comes to the seasons!

Since Fall and apple season is quickly approaching, Mom, Aunt Mona and I went to Jaemore Farms on Saturday .  We always love to go there and I am looking forward to spending the day with them.  I have company coming for dinner Sunday, so I’m sure several fun things will go into my buggy!

My dinner guests will be my neighbor, Linda and her houseguest from Germany, her good friend Inge.   Linda and I have been neighbors for 10 years now and honestly if she moved, so would I!  She has become a special friend and I truly appreciate her friendship over these years.  And, Linda is not only my neighbor, she also keeps me straight in the office, where she is the part time bookkeeper, computer whiz and “fixer” of many other things that I don’t like to deal with!  Inge is visiting from Germany for 2 weeks and from what I understand, she has been doing her best to help our struggling US economy!  They have had great fun hitting the shopping trail!

We began with an “appy” of Peach Sangria, Havarti Cheese, Grapes and Crackers


Dinner will start out with a Fall Favorite salad  that I got from the Contessa Board. (thanks Hilary!).


Followed by Squash casserole, mashed cauliflower, (I may never have mashed potatoes again), rolls and orange glazed BL/SL chicken thighs.   I also spied something interesting at Jaemore’s…a jar of Dilly Green Beans. I thought that sounded like an interesting addition to our plate! And, I was right, I put 2 beans on our plate for some color…it was just enough.  I prepared our plates, and I must say – they looked scrumptious.


Dessert  was Fresh Apple Cake, drizzled with caramel and topped with cinnamon whipped topping.


Fall Salad

Maple Dressing

¼ cup mayo
¼ cup maple syrup
3 TBS white wine vinegar
2 tsp sugar
½ cup vegetable oil

Combine 1st 4 ingredients. then add vegetable oil, and whisk til gradually thickened.

This is a great versatile salad dressing.  I fixed individual salads of baby Greens, sliced pears, cranberries and toasted walnuts.  Hilary’s original recipe calls for Granny Smith apples and Dried Cherries, which I have also prepared and is equally as good.

Dinner was a success!  Good Drink, Good Food and GREAT company!

Ya’ll come back!

May the Lord bless his people with peace and happiness and let them Celebrate!

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  1. This looks so nice Susan; a lovely way to celebrate the onset of 'Fall' (feels weird typing that word!)